One of the most useful behaviours I've taught my dogs is to touch my hand with their nose on cue (Bonnie's cue is "Touch" and Angus's cue is "Nose"). It may seem a bit like a silly trick but as I've come across more and more uses of having a touch cue I've decided to put together a little video and post on why I think this should be one of the top behaviours that you teach your dog!

For me the main benefit of using a sustained touch, where the dog holds it nose to your hold for a period of time), is for cooperative care - this is where the dog chooses to be an active participant in their grooming and health checks. This is super empowering for dogs who are nervous of grooming, health checks, administering medicine and more - they get to choose to start the process, continue the process or if too uncomfortable they can take a break. This is a huge confidence builder and helps desensitise dogs to things they find uncomfortable and can help resolve behaviours such as biting at the brush while grooming etc

Other uses of the touch cue;

  • Recall to side

  • Greet people politely without jumping up

  • Stepping onto weighing scales

  • Jumping into car

  • Manners around doorways

  • Heeling

  • Walking past distractions

  • Keep focus while other dogs/people walk past

  • Muzzle training

  • Teaching other tricks (spin, weave through legs etc)

  • Transferring the nose touch to another target (turn on light switch, close door/drawer etc)

I'm sure there are many more that I haven't included in this list so let me know if you've taught the touch cue and what you use it for? If you haven't taught the touch cue yet look out for an upcoming video on how to teach it or get booked onto our classes starting Friday 9th February where we will cover touch, walking without pulling, coming back when called and much more!

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Happy training from all of us at Kindred Dog Training!


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