Dog Walking Terms & Conditions

Payment & Cancellation Policy


Dog walks that are cancelled after 6pm on the day before the walk will be charged at the full rate


Dog walks that are cancelled before 6pm on the day before the walk, credit will roll over to the next walk

Dog walks that are cancelled and rescheduled will be accommodated where possible but may be at a different time, walk location or with different dogs


Walks must be paid for either;

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Monthly in advance only


First Aid & Emergency Situations


First aid will be administered to your dog in case of emergency situations unless you have given explicit wishes to NOT administer first aid


If a dog needs to visit the vet in an emergency situation;

  • We will take them to the nearest vet whether or not it is your usual registered vet

  • Any vet costs will be your responsibility to resolve




For safety reasons people aggressive dogs cannot be accepted for walks


Dog aggressive dogs can be accommodated and will be walked individually or with other dogs from your household if they get along - please disclose all behavioural details for the safety of us, your dogs and other people’s dogs


A dog may be switched to an individual dog walk if it shows signs of aggression towards the other dogs in the group walk - this it to protect both your dog and other people’s dogs


A dog may be refused service if it shows signs of aggression while we enter the home, while we put on it’s walking equipment, while entering or exiting the car, or while driving to protect us and your dog


Any damage caused to other dog’s, people or their property will be your responsibility to resolve including any costs incurred


If a dog’s accessories are deemed to be unsafe to use then the dog will be walked using a limited slip lead for safety


During the Walk


Please disclose any phobias your dog may have that could affect them on walks such as fear of traffic so that we can accommodate and tailor to your dog so that walks are positive and fun for them


A dog will not be let off lead unless;

  • You have explicitly given permission

  • I have built up a bond and can trust them to recall


A dog will be given treats on walks to build our bond and practise recall, unless wishes expressed otherwise, please ensure that all allergies are disclosed


Under our discretion where we deem the weather to be unsafe for dogs we may alter the length of the walk, time of the walk or location. Notification will be given to let you know of the change


Dogs will have photos and videos taken of them during walks unless you have explicitly expressed your wishes otherwise