What dog training means to me

It's not about showing off or being better than others, or creating a perfect robot doggy that will execute commands like a computer. Dog training should be about creating happy joyful dogs that are allowed to be their true doggy self while being able to live with us harmoniously.

It's about fulfilling your dog's potential so they can be more involved and a bigger part of your everyday life - being able to take them out and about to walk and play and run and swim and sniff and all those wonderful things that makes your dog's day, without any stress or struggles or worrying if they will cause a scene, embarrass you or run off.

That to me is what training is about - happy owners that are proud to take their dog anywhere and everywhere with them and happy, engaged dogs that are able to be their true doggy self while staying safe. There's nothing more delightful to watch than an owner and a dog truly engaging and communicating with each other - with a wag in their tail and a skip in their step!

My dogs aren't perfect but they are happy and fulfilled and enriched and engaged, and that's all I could hope for!

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