No pain, no fear, no intimidation

At Kindred Dog Training we believe that our dogs are members of the family and deserve to be treated as such. We will never advocate or use training methods that hurt or intimidate your dog into behaving. We believe in using motivational methods to teach new behaviours and to resolve unwanted behaviour we use management, redirection, desensitisation, counter conditioning, creating replacement behaviours and more.

We don't use the following methods and would advise against using these methods (I'll be covering why I don't advise to use these methods in a later blog post);

  • Shock collars

  • Prong collars

  • Choke chains

  • Slip leads (ones that do not have a stopper to prevent the choking effect)

  • Lead jerks / pops / tugs

  • Rattle cans / compressed air / throwing items to startle

  • Water spray bottles

  • Rolled up newspapers / hitting with other items

  • Pokes / slaps / kicks / other physical punishment

  • Flipping them over onto back & holding them (sometimes named as an "Alpha roll")

  • Dominance or rank reduction techniques

  • Forcing them into position (understand this is sometimes necessary when in an emergency situation for safety)

Although there seems to be a lot of "don'ts" there are a lot more "do's" in training which makes it easy and effective to train once owners know how - I will cover these in a later post to give you an idea of what methods we use to teach new behaviours and resolve unwanted behaviours.

I hope that I can help remove a bit of the mystery surrounding dog training so that owners can see they don't need any magical skill, "dog whispering" or "way with dogs", they just need help learning the skill of dog training which is just like any other skill in how you learn and practise and develop the skill.

If you want to find out more about our methods and do some training with your dog we have both adult and puppy classes starting soon in Carrickfergus on 9th February. There are limited spaces to give full attention to each dog so book here. We also do 1-2-1 home visits if your dog would struggle with a class environment or has issues at home that need resolved. Get in touch to see how we could help.

Chat soon!


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