Dog Training Classes at Dog Days Newtownabbey

We are delighted to announce that Kindred Dog Training will now be running dog training classes and 121 private dog training sessions at Dog Days Newtownabbey.

Below is a taste of the dog training classes that will be offered:

  • Beginners Dog Training

  • Puppy Training & Socialisation

  • Scent Work NI - Teach your dog to be a scent detector

  • Lead Walking - Walk without pulling

  • Recall - Come back when called

  • Focus

  • Confidence

  • Enrichment

Classes can be booked on the link below:

Our private 121 dog training sessions can help you with different issues such as:

  • Pulling on leash

  • Not coming back when called

  • Jumping up

  • Not listening around distractions

  • Puppy problems like nipping, toilet training and destructive chewing

  • And more

Private 121 dog training sessions can be arranged by getting in touch with Laura on 07889556736 or email at

Dog Days is located on the Glenville Road, Newtownabbey.

Hope to see some of you at class soon!


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