12 Top Tips on How to Toilet Train your New Puppy

1. Feed your pup on a set schedule so their toileting will be more regular and predictable

2. Take them out regularly every 1 hour when they are young so they have lots of opportunities to learn to toilet in the correct place

3. Take them out after waking up, eating, drinking and exciting moments such as visitors arriving or excessive play

4. Praise and reward your pup for toileting outside

5. Go outside with your puppy or supervise from window to make sure they toilet instead of just playing or sitting by the door (many puppies don't enjoy cold wet weather and may need to be encouraged to go out and toilet)

6. Use a potty word such as "Go toilet/potty" when they squat to pee, then you can use this word in future to encourage them to pee

7. Supervise your pup closely indoors so that you can spot if they need the toilet

8. When you can't supervise you can put the puppy in a crate, puppy pen or a baby gated room to limit any damage to carpets etc

9. If your puppy goes to squat in the house you can gently startle your puppy with a silly noise and then take them outside

10. If your puppy pees indoors don't clean it up in front of the puppy as they may see it as a game with the mop/kitchen roll etc

11. Don't use normal cleaners such as bleach to clean up the mess, use a specific pet mess cleaner to get rid of the subtle smell that encourages pups to mess in the same spot again

12. Sometimes it's best to lift rugs and mats until the pup is older and toilet trained as it can be very hard to get the smell out of these and so they will be attracted to keep toileting on them

Want to find out more?

For further puppy advice and training get in touch for details about Puppy Training Classes in Newtownabbey or private in home training sessions.

Laura McIvor

Kindred Dog Training




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