8 Top Tips to Help your New Puppy Sleep Through the Night

A young puppy's life has been flipped upside down when they leave the safety and comfort of their mother and litter mates. Puppies can find it hard to sleep through the night, now their safety net has been removed. Here are our top tips to help them sleep through the night:

1. Keep your puppy close by for the first while at night time. Depending on your situation you may want to bring puppy into your bedroom, either on your bed, on their own bed, or in a crate beside your bed. If this isn't possible, sleeping downstairs with your pup until they get settled in is recommended.

2. If puppy fusses or shuffles about during the night, offer your hand to your puppy or cuddle them into you. Puppy will usually settle down again as they are usually moving to find warmth, company and comfort.

3. If puppy continues to fuss you can take them out to the toilet. Keep it very low energy, don't talk, praise, treat or play with your dog. Straight in and out to the garden, allow time to pee and then back into bed.

4. Once puppy is more settled in your house and feeling more confident about being alone, you can slowly move puppy away from your bed onto their own bed or downstairs to living room/kitchen.

5. If possible take a blanket with you when taking your puppy home. Rub the blanket over puppy's mum and litter mates to get their scent. This can help puppy settle in quicker and feel more secure. Using an old piece of clothing with your scent on it can also help when transitioning from sleeping near you to sleeping away from you.

6. A hot water bottle and ticking clock, or a "Puppy Cuddle Buddy", can help mimic the heat and sounds of their litter mates bringing them comfort while alone.

7. Keep puppy's bed as cosy as possible with soft, warm blankets and away from cold floors or drafts.

8. Have a gentle walk or a chewing session before bedtime to get out any excess energy. Don't hype your puppy up before bedtime with lots of play or running about.

Hope this helps both you and your puppy have a better night's sleep!

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Laura McIvor

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