5 Top Tips to Stop your New Puppy Digging

Digging is a natural instinctive behaviour for dogs and is very common.

Dog's dig for many reasons including burying food/toys for later, to cool themselves down, and for entertainment as it naturally feels good for them.

Here are my tops tips for dealing with digging dogs:

1. Protect your flower beds and plants by putting up mesh, fencing or a barrier to prevent your dog from accessing them - the more practise your dog has digging up your plants the more they will do it in future

2. Provide your dog with enough exercise and mental stimulation appropriate for your dog's age and ability so they don't resort to digging from boredom

3.Give them alternative things to do while out in the garden such as chews and toys to play with, or a game or training with you

4. For some dogs and breeds that really enjoy digging, providing their own area for digging such as a sand pit or sectioned off area of the garden is a perfect way of allowing them to express their natural interests. Half bury toys and chews in their area to encourage them to use it

5. Always supervise your digger in the garden so that you can redirect your dog's attention from digging the plants/garden onto their own digging spot, or onto a game with you or a toy

Want to find out more?

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Laura McIvor

Kindred Dog Training




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