10 Top Tips for Feeding your New Puppy

1. Puppies should be fed the same food the breeder or rescue were using for the first 2-4 weeks. If changing food then do so gradually over a period of 2 weeks

2. Fast eaters who gulp their food should be encouraged to eat slower by purchasing a slow feeder bowl or scattering food into grass/snuffle mat

3. Young pups will need 3-4 regular meals daily - decreasing to 2 meals when they are a bit older

4. Puppies should be fed on a routine, after 15 minutes the bowl should be lifted until next meal time to prevent grazing

5. Measure out your puppy food to make sure you aren't feeding too much or too little

6. Weighing your puppy every 2-4 weeks will help you keep track of weight, how much to feed and is good practise visiting your vets to get puppy used to vet visits

7. Puppy should not be disturbed when eating their meal. They should have space to eat without people walking past, reaching over them or moving them out of the way

8. While puppy is eating don't over handle your dog, reach into the bowl to take food away or take the bowl away. Instead, a few times a week, approach your dogs bowl with a tasty treat such as chicken or cheese and drop it in while your puppy is eating

9. If you have other dogs or cats in the house it is advisable to feed separately so they don't disturb each other while eating

10. Puppies should eat a puppy stage food until 6-12 months depending on your dog's breed and size

Want to find out more?

For further puppy advice and training get in touch for details about Puppy Training Classes in Newtownabbey or private in home training sessions.

Laura McIvor

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